How to NOT donate clothes or materials

There is just something invigorating about a clean, orderly space! So when my friend who is on the board of a local recreation league asked if The Good People Network could help organize a clothing drive, of course we were in! The league members were wonderful and generous in their donations!

Aaron Cruze and Adam Mazza fold and sort donated clothing from the Stonewall Dodgeball 2020 Clothing Drive.

The league members were wonderful and generous in their donations. However, we found that some folks were clueless about what and how to donate. Or maybe they were having landfill guilt and wanted to let someone else make the decision for them. We compiled a list of items below that we received and had to pitch. Please enjoy!

  1. Do not donate used underwear (ever).
  2. Do not donate used socks (unless they are in excellent condition and have a matched sock paired).
  3. Do not donate shoes or other items if the receiving organization states they do not accept them.
  4. Do not donate clothes with paint splatters, holes, or stains of any kind (unless it’s truly part of the design).
  5. Do not donate broken objects.
  6. Do not donate games or toys that are missing pieces.
  7. Do not donate your dirty laundry.
  8. Do not donate clothes in a ball without folding them.
  9. Do not donate clothes in a box with dried cat turds in them (or any type of feces, ever).

I’m sure this is not an exhaustive list… what other tips do you have?

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